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Uganda museum

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Uganda museum is a historical, traditional life, cultural and natural heritage site, Uganda museum located in Kampala Uganda. Uganda museum- is the oldest museum in the whole of east Africa.  the main importance of Uganda museum is a place where they display and store all the collections on the historical, natural, traditional, ethnological and cultural heritage of Uganda, all these things found in the Uganda museum, the oldest museum in the whole of east Africa. It is a place where they display and store all the collections on the historical, natural, traditional, ethnological and cultural heritage of Uganda.

where is Uganda museum located, Uganda museum   found in kamomya on kintante, Kira road and was founded in 1908 at Lugard’s fort on the old Kampala hill where it was shifted to Makerere University in 1941 and was later dislocated to its current area in 1954 on kitante hill. The museum made it to 100 years in existence in 2008 but it is 115 years old and most of Uganda’s important events are hosted at Uganda museum and mostly  take one-day Kampala city tours.

Uganda museum entrance fee depends on your nationality, age and the attraction that your interested at, uganda museum opening hours is always at 10 am and closes at 5 pm as stated on the Uganda museum website.Uganda museum is made of 6 different sections of traditional history on which the specimens in are displayed for example Ethnography section, Ethnos history section, a music gallery, science and industry section, the Paleontology section and lastly the,  archaeological sites in Uganda museum and the most Uganda cultural safaris,

Ethnography section.

history of the Uganda museum

The ethnography section displays the historical and cultural value objects of more than 100,000 objects, for example traditional dressing like kanzu for men and Gomes outfit for women which are so unique when put on, knowledge systems, traditional reed leads exhibits on health, agricultural tools and hunting  among others.

Music gallery

Uganda art museum,  the museum’s music gallery, contains traditional musical instruments like drums, bells, tube fiddle, xylophones, harps, matches among others and these instruments are still used during dance and drama performance and communication issues. In this section is where they store and display these traditional music instruments and allow tourists get a chance to use these instruments in case they wish to hence getting a great experience in their visit to Uganda museum.

Science and Industry Section

In science and industry section is where they keep and display the background of agriculture such as banana plantations in the central region, millet growing in the northern region and sorghum growing in kigezi hills and also mineral resources of Uganda  that are from underground for example iron, tin, copper, phosphate, limestone, wolfram among others. This section is where you will find the canoes and dhows that were used by the Arabs as their transport means to come into Uganda.

Archaeology section

The archaeology section exhibits the remaining parts of Stone Age and Iron Age and is where you will find and view the hunting tools like the stone axes and stone bows, the woods, bones and stones that were used for cutting things in 1,000,000 years ago and you will see how these tools were modernized into today’s tools in Uganda. In this section, there is the way man evaluated from apes in the early age to the way man is nowadays and this history is shown in picture form within this section.

In Uganda museum, there are different cultural villages  and Uganda community museum association which are found outside the building showing different ways of living in each tribe of Uganda for example the milk pots made of wood[ ebyanzi], armory like spears and shields, horn and bead work, basketry and musical instruments like tub fiddle, drums, harps and so many others.

There is also regional houses like western region, central region, eastern region and northern region in Uganda museum where they display different houses of different tribes with their unique items for example drums, spears, headgear, knives, pots used to cook kalo, stools, luwombo, wooden sandals [emikalabanda], mingling stones for millet, lotions made out of milk for brides in Hima kraals among others.

In the eastern region house we have Bugisu house for Gishu people, karamojongo house, Busoga house for Basoga people and the Teso house for Bateso people.

In the central region house, there is the Buganda house for the Buganda people who are only people found in the central region of Uganda and their kingdom is within Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

In the western region house, there are Ankole house for Banyankole people, Tooro house for Batooro, Hima house for the Bahima people. There are other houses which are also found in Uganda museums like Bamba house and kigezi house. These houses show how every tribe differs from the others which is an interesting experience to visitors who visit Uganda museum the most great  Uganda safari attraction.

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