Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

The passenger may cancel the tour without special reason any time. No matter what is the reason for cancellation, Africa safari tours allows you to make any changes and if your completely not travelling again we refund your money in good faith accordingly

If you need to cancel your trip, you should call Africa Safari Tours immediately, and then send a notification in writing by email, or contact Africa safari tours on a phone at +256702571234

Cancellation before and after the deposit has been made will not incur any fees except permits payment which are non refundable there and then but refunded with time

Incase of a permit we either postpone, they are not refunded till we either can sell the permit to another group or an individual then we refund the money

in case of cancellation for group or individual prior booked with Africa safari tours no charges are required and here is the refund policy;

Item paid                        Refund amount

Trip                                Refund 100%

Hotel                              Refund 100%

Permit                            Refund after some time

NOTE: In case of permits payment we postpone they are not refunded either sell the permit to another group if the client is not completely coming


Reservation fee
After receiving the booking[safari, permits, hotel] a deposit of 50% per person will be charged. The reservation fee must be paid in time to confirm the booking and it is refunded in case of any cancellation

Total payment
The full tour payment [another 50%] is due on the arrival before the departure to the safari

Payment methods
Payment is possible through a bank transfer[………]


The tour price is based on the number of participants in your group and the agreed upon itinerary. Should your group decrease in size prior to your departure, Africa safari tours reserves the right to adjust the price accordingly.

  • Complaints

In case you have any complaint be it with our services or those of our suppliers, complaints must be reported immediately to our representative especially the person who helped you book your safari. If you are dissatisfied, a written complaint should be made not later than 20 days after completion of your safari with us to help us make investigations on the matter. Any complaints not notified in accordance with this procedure cannot be accepted.


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