South Malawi

South Malawi is the 3rd region to visit during your safari in Malawi, this region is also the 3rd most occupied region in the country with the country’s most developed centers such as Blantyre city. South Malawi is a very amazing destination to visit while on a safari in Malawi as it is dotted with a variety of tourist attractions and destinations ranging from Mulanje Mountains, Shire Valley and national parks.  

Tourist attractions in the South Malawi 

Scenic landscape

South Malawi
South Malawi

South Malawi is composed of a scenic landscape which is created by the Sire River originating from Lake Malawi, the lower Shire Valley which  with an extensive flat topography and crossed by Shire river as it flows to Mozambique. The lower Shire Valley is the lowest point of Malawi and it is situated just 100 kilometers from the highest point of Malawi that is Mount Mulanje standing at the altitude of 300 meters above the sea level. Mount Mulanje is also the highest mountain in central Africa and it is composed of massifs of summits, basins and a large forested island which is reached by foot. 

Between Mount Mulanje and Blantyre city , the area is used for tea farming and it has many tea estates found at Thyolo. West Mulanje is another feature making up the scenic landscape of the region, that is the Zomba Plateau which is a table like mountain with sharp like rims standing at altitude of 2080 meters above the sea level. 


South Malawi is a wonderful habitat for wildlife in Malawi, the area consists of the most national parks and wildlife reserves in Malawi when compared to other regions of Malawi. National parks and wildlife reserves in Malawi protect a number of animals and birdlife and these include 

Majete wildlife reserve

Majete wildlife reserve is situated just a few kilometers from Blantyre city, the reserve is filled with a variety of animals and birdlife which travelers get a pleasure of watching during their safari in Malawi. Animals found in the Majete wildlife reserve include sable antelope, impalas, leopards, black rhinos, buffaloes, lions, elephants, zebras among others. Birds in Majete wildlife reserve are recorded to be over 300 bird species including habitat and migratory bird species, these birds include white backed vulture, Bohm’s bee-eater, Bataluer, Livingstone fly catcher,  African fish eagle, Palm nut vulture and many more   species.

While on your safari in south Malawi, visiting Majete wildlife reserve is an opportunity to engage in safari activities like game viewing, bird watching, trekking through Majete and visiting the locals. 

Lengwe National park

Lengwe national park found in South Malawi is located near the Majete along the border of Malawi and Mozambique, Lengwe national park was first established as a reserve in 1928 and then upgraded to a national park. The park is a home to many animal species such as Nyala antelopes, baboon, Monkey, warthog, bush pig, buffalo among others. Birds found in Lengwe national park are recorded to be over 300 species and they include African paradise flycatcher, the Bohm bee-eater, the woolly necked stork, the Rudd’s Apalis, the green backed woodpecker, the crested guinea fowl, the mouse colored sunbird and many more 

During your safari in south Malawi, some of the activities to do during your visit in the Lengwe national park include game viewing, bird watching, visiting the villages and volunteering in numerous projects. 

Mwabvi Wildlife reserve 

Mwabvi wildlife is situated at the extreme end of this southern region, the reserve is the smallest reserve in Malawi covering an area of 135 square kilometers, this reserve is a home to many animals such as Baboon, Kudus, lions, elands, impalas, buffaloes and many birds recorded to be over 300 species and they include  
African cuckoo hawk, African skimmer, Bat hawk, Böhm’s bee-eater, Boulder chat, Livingstone’s flycatcher, Pel’s fishing-owl, Pennant-winged nightjar, Racket-tailed roller, Rock pratincole among others.

Activities enjoyed in this park while visiting south Malawi include wildlife viewing, bird watching, nature walks among others. 

Liwonde national park 

Liwonde national park is a very famous Malawi national park popularly known for large herds of elephants, the park is situated a few minute’s drive from Blantyre city. Liwonde national park is a home to animals such as African buffaloes, antelopes, elephants, impalas, kudus, warthog, baboons, bushbucks among others. Birds in this park are recorded to be over 400 bird species and they include African cuckoo hawk, African wood owl, Bat hawk, Bearded scrub robin, Bennett’s woodpecker, Black-throated wattle-eye, Böhm’s bee-eater, Broad-billed roller, Brown-breasted barbet, Collared palm-thrush, Dickinson’s kestrel, European honey buzzard, Green twinspot, Green-winged pytilia, Grey-headed bush-shrike, Gull-billed tern, Lilian’s lovebird among others.  

Safari activities to lookout in Liwonde national park include game viewing, bird watching, fishing, visiting the locals among others. 

Lake Malawi 

Lake Malawi is the top tourist attraction and destination in south Malawi, Lake Malawi locally known as Lake Nyasa is not only the largest lake in Malawi but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for over 1000 fish species found in the lake. Lake Malawi is protected by Lake Malawi national park and the part of the park and Lake found in Southern Malawi is the Cape Maclear. 

Cape Maclear is situated between Port Mangochi and Port Monkey Bay, the bay is sheltered thus turning Lake Malawi into a real aquarium with tropical fish.  Cape Maclear comprises an extended stretch of beautiful sandy beaches with a collection of beautiful accommodation facilities perfect for holiday vacations in South Malawi. 

South Malawi also comprises 2 other lakes such as Lake Malombe which is an enlargement of River Shire as it leaves Lake Malawi and Lake Chilwa. 


South Malawi is a hot spot for Malawi’s culture and the best region of Malawi to visit during Malawi cultural safaris, some of the best sites to visit in the south region of Malawi for cultural trips is Blantyre city.

Blantyre city is the most commercial center and the second largest city of Malawi located in the Shire Highlands and bordered by peaks, the city is also the capital of the southern Malawi and Blantyre district.

Blantyre city in Malawi was founded in 1876 and it was a center for missionary work of the Church of Scotland and it was named Blantyre after Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland a birthplace of explorer David Livingstone. Blantyre city is an important historical and heritage city hosting many sites showcasing the heritage of the colonial trade in ivory and times of the missionaries in Malawi. 

During the colonial era in Malawi, Zomba found in the south Malawi and situated in the foothill of the Zomba plateau was used as the capital, up to date, this city still holds its legacy through gymkhana club, war memorials which are visited and numerous colonial buildings.

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