What is the best time for Gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Gorilla trekking is a popular UgandaRwanda safari activity where tourists are involved in a hike/ trek/walk through the jungle forests that inhabit mountain gorillas to see and spend 1 hour with these elusive apes.

What is the best time for Gorilla trekking in Uganda
What is the best time for Gorilla trekking in Uganda

The trek takes about 2-6 hours and this time is when the trekkers move into the jungle searching for where the gorillas spent their previous night.

Gorillas trek in different locations each time because they make new nests every day and therefore sleep in different places each day.

Gorilla trekking is referred to as a hike because you will have to walk at an altitude of 2,607 meters above sea level on a rugged surface with narrow valleys intersected by rivers and steep hills.

With an understanding of what gorilla trekking is, many travelers always ask themselves, what is the best time to go gorilla trekking in Uganda? Yes, just like any other Uganda safari activity, there is that most recommendable time for gorilla trekking in Uganda. Here is when best you can go for gorilla trekking;

Best time to go Gorilla trekking in Uganda

The best time for gorilla trekking in Uganda for both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is during the dry season when the rains are less. This is in the months of June, July, August to early September, if you can’t make it at that time then December, January, and February are a perfect alternative.

During this time, the rains are less and the trailheads are drier and easier to pass through. Since gorilla trekking is an activity that includes walking in the jungle when it’s wet the rails are so slippery and can cause harm.

However, the dry season is actually the peak or high season therefore early booking is recommended since permits can easily get fully booked as well as accommodation.

  • Best months for gorilla trekking: June – September, and December – February
  • Worst months/Rainy season: March-May and October – November
  • High/peak season: June-September

These months are categorized as so because the rain totals in those specific seasons may hinder the ease of trekking. However, note that the park is open year-round and therefore you can take an Uganda gorilla trek safari at any time depending on your schedule.

Lately, climate changes have caused a lot of changes in weather making it hard to predict the best time for safari activities in the tourism calendar. It is therefore advisable to first learn about the weather in the season you are planning to trek in.

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