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National Parks and Reserves in Botswana

Botswana is one of Africa’s top-ranked game destinations with 17% of the country covered with protected areas, Botswana is a semi-arid country with 80% of its total area covered by the Kalahari Desert. Botswana’s devotion to protect and conserve the ecological system including wildlife, animals, and fauna is witnessed in national park and reserves dotted around the country, national parks and reserves found in Botswana include

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is a true wildlife paradise in Botswana and ranked among the best national park in Africa, Chobe national park is the first national park to be declared in Botswana located in the north of the country covering an area of 11,700 square kilometers. This park protects one of the greatest concentrations of game in Africa and it is the 3rd largest park in Botswana. Learn More about Chobe National Park

Makgadikgadi pans national park

Makgadikgadi Pans National ParkMakgadikgadi pans national park lies southeast of the Okavango Delta and surrounded by the Kalahari Desert. The park comprises a series of dry salt pans that were once a lakebed. In appearance, the pans appear arid and inhospitable. These pans are fed by rainwater, Nata and Boteti Rivers, these pans are part of the collection of salt pans found in Kalahari to the south-east of the Okavango Delta and most of these pans are Sua pan, Nxai Pan, and Ntwetwe Pan which are protected Makgadikgadi pans national park covering an area of 39000 square kilometers.  Learn More about Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

Kwando Concession

Kwando ConcessionKwando concession is located on the northern edge of Botswana bordering Namibia across Kwando river, Kwando concession is one of the larger wildlife concessions in Botswana covering an area of 2,320 square kilometers. The landscape of this concession is crossed by Kwando river and dominated by huge tracts of thick montane woodland in the western region, a narrow belt of riverine forest along the eastern boundary, large tree islands, and open floodplains in the south and there are 2 photographic camps in the eastern region. Learn More about Kwando Concession

Mashatu Game Reserve

Mashatu game reserve is a charming destination in Botswana located in the remote eastern corner of Botswana, this reserve is originally known as Tuli enclave covering an area of 90,000 acres dominated by savannah grasslands, riverine forests, marshland, open plains, and sandstone cliffs. Learn More about Mashatu Game Reserve

Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Mokolodi nature reserve in Botswana situated approximately 10 kilometers south of Game city on the main Lobatse Road, this nature reserve is a private not-for-profit game reserve founded in 1994 by the Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation. Mokolodi game reserve covers an area of 30 square kilometers is dominated by riverine terrain interspersed with rocky hills, lake Gwithian and an adjoining picnic site. This nature reserve houses a reptile park and a wildlife sanctuary for disabled or orphaned animals. Learn More about Mokolodi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi game reserve in Botswana lies on the eastern side of the Okavango delta, this reserve is named after Chief Moremi of the Ba Tawana tribe and it covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers covering much of the eastern side of the Okavango delta.  Moremi game reserve borders with Chobe National park to the North East, this reserve is dominated by montane woodland, acacia forests, floodplains, and lagoons. Learn More about Moremi Game Reserve

Northern Tuli Game Reserve

Northern Tuli game reserve is a very a physically strikingly national park located in the northeastern corner of Botswana straddling around the Shashe, Mptloutse, and Limpopo rivers, this reserve is one of the largest privately owned game reserve in South Africa incorporating 3 major private concessions that are Tuli Safari Lodge, Nitani Private Game Reserve, and Mashatu Game Reserve. Learn More about Northern Tuli Game Reserve

Okavango Delta

Okavango DeltaOkavango Delta is one of Africa’s last great natural sanctuaries, a pristine and rich wilderness home to a variety of flora fauna, this delta is a unique pulsing wetland covering between 6 and 15000 square kilometers of the Kalahari Desert located in northern Botswana. The delta owes its existence to the Okavango River which flows from the Angolan highlands across Namibia’s Caprivi Strip and into the harsh Kalahari Desert. Learn More about Okavango Delta

Selinda Concession

Selinda concession is located in the northeastern regions of the delta in the region mostly known as Selinda/Magwegqana Spillway, this concession covers an area of 1350 square kilometers which is dominated by open savannah grasslands. Selinda concession’s landscape is crossed by an ancient Selinda spillway river which links to the Okavango with the Linyanti and Kwando wetlands, this river has been dry for about 30 years and it started flowing in 2009. Learn More about Selinda Concession 

Nxai Pan National Park

Nxai pan national park in Botswana is located in north-eastern Botswana covering an area of 2578 square kilometers and lies just north of the Maun-Nata main road, this park also adjoins Makgadikgadi pans national park on its northern border. Nxai pan national park consists of Nxai Pan which is one of the Makgadikgadi Pans, it pan is a fossil lakebed of about 40 square kilometers in size. Learn More about Nxai Pan National Park 

Linyanti Concession

where to go in Botswana national parks, Linyanti concession is a geographically fascinating destination located in northern Botswana, northeast of the Okavango bordering Chobe national park, Linyanti concession covers an area of 120,000 hectares of pristine wilderness encompassing of Linyanti river, iridescent green papyrus swamps, shady forests, and open grasslands. Learn More about Linyanti Concession

Khutse Game Reserve

Khutse Game Reserve
Khutse Game Reserve

Botswana national Park, Khutse Game Reserve is located in close proximity to the capital of Botswana adjoining the central Kalahari game reserve to the north, from the capital of Botswana the reserve is in a drive of 240 kilometers drive through Kalahari villages.

Khutse Game Reserve is part of an ancient river system that once flowed northeast to pour into the prehistoric Lake Makgadikgadi, the reserve covers an area of 2500 square kilometers comprising of rolling grasslands, river beds, fossils dunes, grassed and bare pans. Learn More about Khutse Game Reserve

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central Kalahari game reserve is the biggest reserve and conservation area in Botswana located in the middle of Kalahari Desert, this reserve is an extension of the unforgiving Kalahari Desert covering an area of 52,800 square kilometers making it the second-largest game reserve in the world and larger than the Netherlands as a whole country.

Central Kalahari game reserve was established in 1961 covering 10% of Botswana’s total land area, this reserve comprises of a magnificent scenery made up of monotonous but endless horizon and the landscape is dominated by a mixture of straggly bushes such as desert-adapted silver Terminalia, patches of acacias, pans, fossil riverways interspersed with dunes. Learn More about Central Kalahari Game Reserve

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