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Gorilla A chordate phylum of a Mammalia class under Hominidae family, gorillas are also classified as great apes that makes them the biggest landing primates, abroad chest with human-like hands, small eyes, hairless face, with the heights of approximately 1.3 to 2 m about 6 fts and ranges about 150 to 280 kg (595 Ib) with a gestation period of approximately 256 days.The tribe is divided into the Eastern gorilla and

the Western gorilla, these can be separated by their colors and their physical appearances.


they are characterized by humanly behaviors and emotions of sadness, boredom, laughing, tears, and among other social aspects. These two groups are all settled  in equatorial Africa, they live in a family of about 5-40 members and always a leader adult male gorilla and inhabit the most tropical forests,


the cross river gorillas live in small areas of Cameroon and Nigeria well as the western lowland habit in Central African republic, Gabon, equatorial guinea which is covered by the tropical forests and the third group of the eastern lowland is also settled in the same tropical forest covered nations of eastern DRC, Uganda and others the mountain gorillas  also live at the great altitude in tropical countries of Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda especially around the Virunga volcanoes of East Africa.

 facts about gorillas;

Uganda gorilla trekking

these live in groups(families), the feed on vegetables mostly of leaves, and fruits and at times rarely feed on insects like termites, they can also live for about 30-40 years when health, they beat their chests to scare away enemies and threats, they send almost the whole day eating, they can be exposés to human diseases, etc.

what makes gorillas them attractive

Gorillas are highly intelligent, whereby they can easily be taught

different things like humans for example with sign language, laughing, waving, smiling, jumping, etc.

Gentleness personality, these are gentle giants however due to their size and appearance seem to be so scary, aggressive and at times dangerous meanwhile these animals are so shy and friendly by nature and always become aggressive when threatened and intimidated.

Feeding, this group mainly feeds on vegetables thus eat diet of stems, bamboo, grass, fruits, leaves and other vegetables however also could have bide for insects like; termites, larvae, etc that looks so attractive to people as they watch them eating like real human beings.

Gorillas have got a strong memory that they can not easily forget their experiences, of information and skills they would have acquired many years ago like; sign language, tool/construction techniques and many others.

The sense of smell they have, gorillas tend to be one of the most mammals to have the strongest sense of smell. gorillas can easily detect strong scents in the surrounding area for example; eats, human beings, other animals, and others.

The biggest threat to them is poaching, animal trafficking, habitat destruction and also mainly wild predators which are commonly leopards and crocodiles that threaten their population.

They are also among the most endangered animal species in the world today, and currently there are approximately 300 cross-rivers, 320,000 western lowlands and about 5000 eastern lowland gorillas.



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