Bahai temple uganda

Bahai temple Uganda

bahai temple uganda location
baha’i temple Uganda

Bahai temple is also called mashriq l’-Adhkar and it acts as a spiritual worshiping place to all the bahai faith people in the whole world. This temple is also named as the “mother temple of Africa” which is found in kikaya hill along Gayaza road and it was constructed between 1958 and 1961 which is about 50 years ago.

Baha’i faith came to Uganda in 1946 when the first PhD holder in Uganda, Dr Ernest Kalibala associated with New York, bahai temple architecture  is in the Centre, and in 1951, the Bahai faith members arrived in Kampala, Uganda and were able to convert two people from Uganda to their Bahai faith in that very year.

This bahai temple is very quiet and that’s why it is mostly liked by many people which are not of the bahai faith religion who conduct their meeting, yoga and meditation. This place is mostly loved by the Hindus in Uganda who always visit for different devotions throughout the year.

uganda bahai temple
bahai temple Kampala Uganda

Bahai temple is a unique place since it is a home of over 8 bird species like wood peckers, weaver birds, pigeon, ring-necked doves, palm nut vultures, grey parrot, brown parrot, pied crow and Hadada lbis and this markets it as an amazing place for bird watching which is one of the best activities for tourists during Uganda safaris. Also other activities like youth class lessons to help them in making good moral decisions in life and also learn how to make art and craft, singing, dance and drama in order to earn a living among others. This temple is so unique and every visitor should include it on their Uganda safari because it’s worth visiting in Kampala.

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