Things to do in Malawi

Malawi is a very entertaining and memorable African safari destination with outstanding and special tourist attractions and amazing safari activities. Malawi is situated in the southeastern region of Africa sharing borders with Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia

Malawi, a popular African safari destination is generally undiscovered and is composed of the stunning beauty of Lake Malawi, the 3rd largest lake on the African continent, plateaus, wildlife protected in numerous protected areas such as Nyika national park, Lake Malawi National Park, among others.

Malawi is a great and thrilling tourist destination with more exciting activities to offer and below are some of the things to do in Malawi

Best things to do in Malawi

Things to do in Malawi
Lake Malawi

 Visiting Lake Malawi is interesting things to do in Malawi, a beautiful freshwater lake and the largest lake in Malawi and the 3rd largest in Africa covering up to a third of Malawi, things to do in lake Malawi, Lake Malawi is gifted with stunning golden beaches with blue calm waters filled with a variety of incredibly bright colored fish. Lake Malawi is a very rewarding site in Malawi for snorkeling and diving activities. Lake Malawi is divided into 2 sections which are visited during a Malawi safari that is the southern end and northern end this makes Malawi worth visiting.


Things to do in south Malawi,  this end of Lake Malawi is a very popular section of the lake due to its close proximity Blantyre a commercial capital of Malawi, the southern end shore line comprises of numerous bays dotted with a variety of beautiful accommodations ranging campsites, cottages and luxurious hotels such as Makakola Retreat. In this region, there is Cape Maclear which is an ideal site for snorkeling and other water sports. 

Note: As you go snorkeling and diving at Lake Malawi, be aware of the risk of contracting Bilharzia.

Another highlight of lake Malawi activities, bay at the southern end of Lake Malawi is Monkey Bay… which is where you can catch MV Illala ferry when cruising at Lake Malawi, visiting Likoma Island and the northern end of Lake Malawi. 


The northern end of Lake Malawi is a less developed section of the lake when compared to the southern end (shore) and it is less populated, the northern shores are chiller during the dry season that is in June through August and it also gets hot which is the perfect time to visit this section of Lake Malawi however, there are also various things not to do in Malawi.

The northern end of Lake Malawi comprises of towns like Livingstonia and Kronga offering a rich history and culture which is enjoyed upon your visit, there are also other beautiful places/sites to visit and these include Nkhotakota game reserve inhabiting plentiful of wildlife, Nkhata Bay with a blissful craft market, Kande Beach sistauted between Dwangwa and Nkhata Bay. The beloved Lake of Stars Music festival is an annually held event you can enjoy in the northern lake shore in the Nkhata Bay district.  

  • Hike Mulanje Mountain 

Hiking Mulanje Mountain is an adventurous activity to do in Malawi, Mulanje Mountain also referred to Mount Mulanje is situated in the southern region Malawi, 65 kilometers (40 miles) east of Blantyre. The mountain stands at above 3,000 meters above the sea level with Sapitwa as the highest peak. Mulanje Mountain is a home Mulanje cypress consisting of a 45-meter-tall evergreen tree with dense leaves and cones unique to this massif which are encountered during hiking experience.

Hiking mountain Mulanje is done on plenty of hiking routes consisting of simple huts for accommodation, hiking mountain Mulanje offers an opportunity to explore lots of streams, peaks of the mountain and green views of sprawling tea estates. Most hikers start their adventurous hike of the mountain from Likhubula and the most convenient place to stay for an early start of the hiking is Likhubula Forest lodge.

The best time to go hiking experience on Mulanje Mountain is between May and October.  

  • Visit Likoma Island

Likoma Island is a beautiful island to visit during your safari in Malawi, Likoma Island is one of the 2 inhabited islands of Lake Malawi situated in the north-eastern corner of Lake Malawi and set in Mozambican waters. Likoma Island is of 17 square kilometers consisting of one town, St Peters’ Cathedral Church which is the 3rd largest cathedral in Central Africa built in 1900s. Likoma island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, sandy beaches and abundance of cichlids, the beautiful sand beaches at the island consists of eco-friendly resorts including Kaya Mawa, Mango Drift among others. 

Getting to Likoma Island is done by boat and currently there is MV Ilala passenger vessel which carries weekly stopovers at the island, some of the activities to do during your visit at Likoma Island include visiting the local market, diving, taking a village walk, visiting St Peter’s cathedral. Participating in Malipenga (dancing competitions), climbing the clock tower among others. 

  • Visit Liwonde National Park 

 Liwonde National Park is the premier wildlife destination in Malawi situated along the banks of Shire River in the southern region of Malawi and a few kilometers from Blantyre, this park is famous for hosting large herds of elephants. Liwonde National Park covers an area of 220 square kilometers encompassing large baobabs, woodland and grassland vegetation. 

Liwonde national park is a home to a variety of wildlife and plentiful of birdlife, animals seen in the park during your safari in Malawi include zebras, elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, hippos and many more. In Liwonde national park you also get an opportunity to spot a variety of colorful birds such as African openbill, Black heron. Pied kingfisher, long toed lapwing among others. 

  • Cruise on the MV Ilala ferry 

Cruising on the MV Ilala is an entertaining safari activity to do during your safari in Malawi, MV Ilala cruises do the calm waters of Lake Malawi, the largest lake in Malawi and the 3rd largest on the African continent. MV Ilala crosses Lake Malawi on a weekly basis on a trip of about 300 miles with stopovers to Likoma island, the starting point for this route is Monkey Bay. 

MV Ilala ferry offers cabin class, first class, second class and economy class facilities with restaurants and bars.  

  • Scenic viewing at Zomba plateau

Things to do in Zomba Malawi, Zomba plateau is one of the most scenic areas in Malawi and a perfect destination to visit for scenic viewing. Zomba plateau is a 6,000-foot plateau located in Zomba which is the former capital city of Malawi. During your visit in the Zomba plateau you get an opportunity to have a full of fun while participating in activities like hiking along wooded paths, horse riding and getting the queen’s view. 

  • Visit Lilongwe (capital city of Malawi)

Visiting Lilongwe city is one of the amazing and memorable things to do in Malawi, Lilongwe is a vibrant city filled with many architectural buildings hosting embassies and government departments. Unlike Blantyre, Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi is less populated with approximately 1 million people.

Visiting Lilongwe city offers an opportunity to visit market centers to buy various craft pieces among others, taste Malawian dishes in both the old town and new town and visit the Lilongwe wildlife center.  

Lilongwe wildlife center is a sanctuary for rescued wildlife animals and it inhabits  about 200 animals, while in Lilongwe city you also get to visit shopping malls, cultural centers among others.  

  • Visit Nyika national park 
Visit Nyika national park 
Visit Nyika National Park

Nyika national park is the largest protected area (national park) in Malawi extending across the great scenic Nyika plateau, and the park is a great spot to visit for game viewing experience. The park and Nyika plateau get their names from a local slag meaning “where water comes from”, to rhyme with the name the plateau is the most important catchment area in Malawi. 

Nyika national park comprises a scenic rolling landscape filled with over 200 types of orchid flowers most especially in the rainy season and the savannah grasslands are rich with wild flowers. Nyika plateau national park is rich with a variety of wildlife including one of the largest densities of leopards in central Africa and other animals inhabiting the park including warthogs, bush pig, lions, elephants and many more which you will enjoy watching during your visit to the park. 

During your visit in Nyika national park you will also have an opportunity to spot many bird species recorded to be over 400species, waterfalls, Neolithic rock shelter and trout pools.

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