Ssese Island

Ssese Island.

Ssese islands

Ssese islands is located in Lake Victoria north western corner of the lake. Ssese Island is secret paradise with white sandy beaches, sapphire water and tropical forests. It is good for adventurers who want to unwind in remote areas.

Ssese Island is a home to many primate species like the black and white colobus monkey, vervet monkeys, sitatunga antelope and several rare birds.

Buggala Island. This is the largest and the most developed of ssese islands. It is also easier to access from Entebbe via ferry Buggala Island is most popular for swimming especially on Mutambala beach and other activities like fishing, birding and bicycles to explore the island.

Ngamba Island. Ngamba Island is well known for harboring wild animals for example Chimpanzee Island is a chimpanzee sanctuary established by Jane Goodall Foundation.

Banda Island. Banda Island is more simplicity and more remote than other islands but beautiful. You can carry out savior meditative walks along the Beach of Banda Island and also hire bicycles to trail the area.

Bulago Island. Bulago Island is the island to carry out nature walks because it has several trails to choose from good opportunities to see unique wildlife and bird species. more actvivties at Ssese islands

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