Mabira forest reserve.

Mabira forest reserve.

mabira central forest reserve

 Mabira forest is found in Buikwe, Mukono district in the central region of Uganda along Kampala- jinja highway and this rainforest covers an area of about 306 square kilometers. Mabira forest is one of the largest natural forests in Uganda and it is tropical rainforest, different tree species in mabira forest are  home of 46% of the Uganda’s forest birds.

 This forest has been in existence for more than 100 years of age with different wildlife species for example 35 mammal species like bushbucks, blue duikers, red-tailed monkeys, Uganda mongabey, bush pigs and squirrels among others, different tree species of 312 species both natives and non-indigenous trees such as cordia millenii, warburgia ugandensis, malilia excels, vitellaria paradoxa, Afzelia Africana, and several Acacia species, grevillea robusta, leucaena leucocephala, Gmelina arborea , papaya and avocado among others, it harbors around 315 bird species such as Tit hylia, purple-throated cuckoo shrikes, Jameson’s wattle eyes, yellow and grey long bills,llladopises, white spotted fluffail, Afep pigeon and Nahan’s francolin among others and over 218 butterfly species and 97 moth species.

  There are different activities that can be done or engaged in during the visit of mabira forest the oldest forest in Uganda and the activities include;

Bird watching in mabira forest

This is one the amazing activities that can be done while in forest  due the presence of over 315 bird species and this is always done during day time because it has many trees which are home to these bird species for example Afep pigeon, purple throated cuckoo, yellow and grey long bills, Tit hylia, white spotted Fluffail, jameson’s wattle eyes among others. There are a number of village tracks where you can walk and bird but most of them have got a lot of human traffic and this interrupts so much the tourists however, there are other comfortable birding areas without distraction such as mabira eco-tourism center and road to rainforest lodge and lodge ground.

 Nature walk and forest bathing.

Mabira forest reserve.

 Due to the well-established trail networks in forest which are in 3 different areas of the forest where to do this activity from. It is best to those people on a day trip to jinja where you can have a stopover for a nature walk in this forest where one is able to view different species like red tailed monkeys, mangabeys among others and bird species.

Zip lining.

Zip lining mabira forest is also an interesting adventure experience that is carried out in mabira .This activity enables one to see the wildlife in the forest like monkeys, squrrials, bush pigs, duikers among others and different birds  which gives an amazing view and experience while being high up in the trees of mabira rainforests.

Mangabey monkey tracking

Mabira forest reserve Mangabey monkey tracking

   This is another interesting activity since mabira forest is a home of mangabey which is a monkey species that is only found in Uganda so for this case mangabey tracking is only carried out in mabira forest sine one troop has been habituated for tracking but these monkeys can also be seen during  the normal forest walks. This tracking is done with a conduct of the guide to track them and only one hour is given to observe these species.

 Other activities that are engaged in during mabira forest experience are camping at Eco tourism center and at Griffin falls, picnic and mountain biking. All these activities carried out in mabira forest makes it a popular forest in Uganda and worth visiting on your trip to jinja town.

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