Matheniko Wildlife Reserve

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve amazing safari in Uganda 

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve is a conservation area in the northeastern uganda in karamoja subregion moroto district , it covers an area of 1520 sq km ( 590 sq mi ) , The reserve’s northeastern border is also  the Kenya-Uganda border and close to mountain ELgon, The reserve is part of the wider Karamoja wildlife protection zone including Bokora, Pianupe and the Vast Kidepo valley National park, it has its own rocks that stretch up to about 6.000 feet. Matheniko wildlife reserve stands out for its beautiful landscape, unique vegetation, rocky outcrops and mountains. The area has sem-desert conditions experiencing rain between the months of April ,May and November, Unfortunately despite those amazing features Matheniko wildlife reserve is less visited just like its neighbor Kidepo Valley National Park and this is because the area has been ignored by different government regimes because most influential  Ugandans come from different areas of the country  hence remoteness and poor infrastructure. Recent  discovery of Gold in Matheniko county has helped put focus on the area and its wildlife. Matheniko Wildlife Reserve has a number of wildlife species but it only harbors mammals that can survive  long without water and also harbors rare species  like Cheetahs, civets, leopards, jackals, serval cats, Wild cats, hyenas. The reserve is also home to primates including patas monkeys, baboons and vervet monkeys. The reserve is mostly occupied by antelopes like eland, dik-dik, Mountain reedbuck, Uganda kob, Roan Antelope, Oribi,  Topi, Duikers e.t.c. and Cape Buffalo. Reptiles  at Matheniko Wildlife Reserve include geckos, skinks, large monitor lizards, large rock pythons, water snakes among others, Like many places in Uganda Matheniko is a birder’s paradise like ostrich, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, African hill barber, Black-headed plover, Cattle egret, Lemon dove, Pygmy Falcon, thick-billed honey among others. The reserve is open all year round and welcomes visitors though  the best time to visit is when the wet  season has just ended  after the rains have just stopped  because now the vegetation is still green and the heat is barer-able. Matheniko Wildlife is managed and protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority

Activities at Matheniko Wildlife Reserve

Game drives, Mountain and rock climbing, Cultural visits, Visiting the rock painting, camping,

Accommodation :  There are no luxury lodges within the reserve but there is a campsite where one can spend a night and prepare their own meal,  But for those who want to sleep in more comfortable larger hotels can sleep in the nearby towns of moroto and kotido town.

Note: Traveler can  choose to do a combined trip with other outstanding amazing tourist destinations.

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