Karuma Wildlife Reserve 

Karuma Wildlife Reserve –  best of Uganda safaris

Karuma Wildlife Reserve 

Karuma Wildlife Reserve is located in western Uganda Kiryandongo district covering an area of 675.0 sq km and stands at an elevation of 902m (2959.32 feet) above sea level. It’s within the Murchison conservation area that consist of the Murchison falls National park, Budongo forest reserve, Bugungu wildlife reserve and the kaniyo-pabidi forest.  Karuma Wildlife Reserve resources have been put to use because there’s a lot of human intrusion on the village  premises where over 7000 refugees were settled in the Kiryandongo village, Even with all the encroachment , it still harbors wildlife  though less number of animals but still a variety of wildlife species.  The best sale in Karuma Wildlife Reserve is the roaring  Karuma waterfalls on the amazing Victoria Nile which are situated not far from Murchison falls National park the oldest and largest park in Uganda, The falls are also where the reserve derives its name, there is a local story that the Rocks that form these waterfalls were contrived by a powerful traditional spirit called “ karuma” and its from it that the water falls derive its name.  Karuma Wildlife Reserve  is home to a number of wildlife species  some of the species to spot in the reserve include Cape Buffaloes, Elephants, Giraffes, Uganda kobs, Rothschild’s giraffes, The black and white Colobus monkeys, Orbis,  L’Hoest’s monkeys, Topi, Hippos, Leopards and Lions occasionally. Primate are also located in the reserve like Olive baboon, Vervet monkeys, Blue monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, L’Hoest to mention but a few. The reserve also boasts with a variety of bird species best spotted at the karuma Waterfalls like kingfisher, sun-birds, Yellow throat leaf-love, Grey cheeked crane, swamp flycatcher among others. It is surrounded by savanna grassland especially the elephant grass and also remnants of former forest cover represented by isolated trees.

Activities: Birding, Game drive, karuma fall visit, 

Accommodation : There are a number of accommodation facilities ranging from luxury, mi-range and budget. Camping is also provided in the reserve.

History of Karuma Wildlife Reserve

Karuma Wildlife Reserve gained life in 1960 s and the main reason for its gazetting was to act as a barrier between the village and Murchison falls National park in order to minimize conflicts for land  and minimize poaching of the wild animals by locals though the barrier is vanishing due to the refugee and the increasing number of encroachers. But before the encroachment the reserve was home to over 50 species.  

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