2 Days Jinja Tour

2 Days Jinja Tour Detailed Itinerary – Uganda safari

2 day jinja tours

The 2 days jinja tour takes you to one of the most famous and rich city with a lot of tourist attractions in Uganda. Jinja is located in the eastern region of Uganda on the north shores of lake Victoria, jinja   is one of the city in Uganda with, jinja tourist attractions are many . Tourist attractions in jinja tours and safaris include itanda falls, source of the Nile-Speke monument for jinja boat trip. Victoria Nile  bujagali falls, Nile reptile park and many more places to tour in Jinja. Tourism activities  that take place in Jinja attraction places  that include white water drafting, nature walks boat rides sighting seeing  and many more. Jinja is surrounded  by many  industries like kakira sugar works,  Nile special the produce Nile beer and many more

Detailed Itinerary  for  2 Days Jinja Tour

Day 1; transfer from Kampala to Jinja

Wake up very early in the morning, take your breakfast, our driver will pick you from your location to start your 2 Days Jinja Tour, you will be driven to eastern region, along the way you will be able to see lots of interesting land scapes, stopover at sezibwa falls, here you will move for nature walks with the guide, after embark to your journey heading to mabira forest, here you will engudge in nature walks  in side the forest where you will be able to sight monkeys, birds, different tree species, after all that amazing experience in mabira forest proceeds to jinja, along the way u will be seeing different plantations like sugar plantation, tea leaves plantation  and many industries like nile specia  the  beer company. When you reach, you will visit bujagali fall, and in the evening move for a boat cruise in  jinja source of the nile tour, during   your amazing  tour at the source of river Nile, view  different types of birds, visit samaku island and move back to the hotel you checked in, have dinner and overnight stay.

Optional accommodations

 Jinja Nile Resort (Luxury)

 2 Friends Guesthouse(Budget)

 Day 2: Water Rafting along River Nile

On the second day of your ,2 Days Jinja Tour wake up very early in morning have your breakfast afternoon for white water rafting in the source of river Nile, this activity is so interesting, enjoy your  amazing experience at the source of the Nile, after move back for lunch relax a bit and get back to your journey to Kampala, end of 2 Days Jinja Tour with jinja tours and travels.

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