Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga National Park Uganda

Mgahinga national park is one of the smallest national parks in Uganda covering an area of 33.7 square kilometers, this park sits on a high altitude range of 2,227m and 4,127m.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The park comprises of 3 Virunga mountain ranges that are Gahinga standing at 3474 meters, mount Muhabura at 4127 meters, and mount Sabyinyo at 3645 meters. Mgahinga gorilla national park is part of the great Virunga conservation area (VCA) comprising of Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in eastern DR Congo.

Tourism attraction in Mgahinga park, it is a famous habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas and the second home to mountain gorillas in Uganda, the park boasts over 76 mammal species and over 115 bird species. Animals in Mgahinga  park include elephants, buffaloes, golden monkeys, spotted hyenas, black-fronted duikers, giant fronted hogs, bushbuck, and many more.

Birds in Mgahinga park include black kit, white-necked raven, paradise flycatcher, double collared sunbird, ibis, whydah, Ruwenzori nightjar, Ruwenzori turaco, dusky crimson wing, Kivu ground thrush, yellow vented bulbul, waxbills, and many more.

Safari activities to do in Mgahinga national park include mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, volcano climbing, nature walks, and cultural encounters.

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