Swaziland Safaris Tours

Swaziland also referred to as eSwatini is a perfect destination for a more-off-beaten-track African safari, Swaziland is an island of land enclosed with South Africa covering an area of 17,364 square kilometers.

Swaziland Safaris

Swaziland Safaris Tours

Regardless of its size, Swaziland is a very rewarding Africa safari destination with diverse and plentiful wildlife.

The closeness of Swaziland to South Africa makes it a perfect stopover while on a safari in South Africa, Swaziland is home to a huge population of endangered species such as lions, giraffe, elephant, roan antelope, sable antelope, buffalo, kudus, warthogs, black rhino, white rhino and many birds such as vultures and marabou. Swaziland’s best national parks and game reserves include Hlane Royal National Park and Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

Swaziland also offers unique cultural experiences and beautiful scenery on top of wildlife viewing, which is why it is ranked among the best Africa safaris.