Nyero rock paintings.

Nyero rock painting

Nyero rock painting is located in kumi district  eastern region of Uganda in Teso sub region  and it is easy to reach kumi district by road because it’s about 250km from Kampala city.

Nyero rock painting
Nyero rock paintings

The type of art in Nyero rock painting was considered to be of the Batwa hunter’s gatherers in pygmy origin and were found in smaller groups near the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and eastern DRC.

Nyero rock painting is an amazing cultural historical markings that are believed to have been made by ancient beings and it is dominated by the iteso tribe. Nyero rock painting is one of the most visited places In Uganda due to its unique paintings. The rook paintings has six shelters in the rock and these are; Nyero1, Nyero2, and Nyero3, 4,5 and Nyero 6 which all have different paintings on their surface and they vary from one another. These paintings have also got different experience as one enjoys looking at them.

Nyero 1 has got few paintings which can only be seen you are close to the rock In surface. Nyero2 is famous and it’s the best rock that everyone cannot stop looking at, it has animal paints, boats, people and it’s within a group of red circles that covers the rock. Nyero3 is such boring because the paintings are not clearly seen unless at night.

Nyero rock paintings
Nyero rock paintings

The other shelters include Nyero 4, Nyero 5 and Nyero 6. The fourth shelter is found in south western side of Nyero rock painting site and you can find there a few red rock paintings with also a finger prints in circles with spirals. In the western side of the rock paintings you can find the fifth shelter near a primary school, there are arms and pigment paintings and of them some the paintings in the southern part are washed away and in that case they can only be seen as traces of the drawings. Also the sixth shelter is in the northern part of Nyero rock painting, it is on the top of the hill where you can see a wide spectrum of surrounding area. Here the art is in oval shape and many slanting in L-shaped drawing. But others are made in outline shapes of circles, these rocks are so enlightening, educational and more so the people there are so hospitable.

In conclusion, Nyero rock paintings are a trip that will give you a proper understanding on the ethnic migration and ethnicity of the whole of Uganda and east Africa.

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