What is the Mountain Gorilla trekking?

Mountain Gorilla trekking is a highlight of most of the safaris to Uganda and Rwanda that are home to the rare mountain gorillas. However, what actually is gorilla trekking. If you have had the experience before then you know of the joy that comes with this lifetime activity, however, if you haven’t yet here is what gorilla trekking means;

Gorilla trekking is an activity where tourists take a hike / walk through the jungle forests in search of mountain gorillas. The trek takes about 2-6 hours and this time is when the trekkers move into the jungle searching for where the gorillas spent their previous night.

Gorillas trek in different locations each time because they make new nests every day and therefore sleep in different places each day. Gorilla trekking is referred to as a hike because you will have to walk at an altitude of 2,607 meters above sea level on a rugged surface with narrow valleys intersected by rivers and steep hills.

Uganda gorilla trekking offers that up-close encounter with the still pristine jungles and this experience of fully being immersed and experiencing the wild that makes the whole experience unique.

What to expect on a gorilla trekking safari

Before heading out to the jungle for gorilla trekking, expect to have a briefing session that starts at 8:00 am both in Rwanda or Uganda’s national parks. Briefing starts from 8:00 am local time and at this time, you are briefed about the gorilla trekking etiquette be it for Uganda or Rwanda.  During the briefing, the park rangers reecho the guidelines on what you should and should not do in the jungle.

gorilla trekking tour
gorilla trekking tour

Still, as you have your Uganda gorilla safari briefing, you are allocated a gorilla family to trek. Make sure to inform the rangers of your hiking ability such that you are allocated a family that you are able to trek.

After the briefing, you head out to the jungle for gorilla trekking. The time spent trekking gorillas in the forests is unpredictable since they are wild animals and keep moving. The time you spend in the forest can be as less than 30minutes or as much as 6 hours and more, it’s all about what Mother Nature decides to offer you.

You will be accompanied by an armed ranger who will lead you to where the gorillas are and tell you much more of all the information about the gorilla family you are trekking as well as gorillas in general.

When you get to meet the gorillas, the excitement will be with a sigh of relief as your guide informs you to get ready to see the family and take pictures. A maximum of 1 hour is spent in the presence of the gorillas as you have the opportunity to take all of those stunning memorable pictures of finally coming face to face with the giant apes of the jungle. Make sure to take as many photos and record as many videos as you can, using a non-flash photography camera.

After spending your valuable 60 minutes with the Ugandan gorillas, you then are led by your ranger guide back to the park headquarters. The return is one with memories and not anxiousness as with the search. Arriving at the park headquarters, you are welcomed back and then given a Rwanda or Uganda gorilla trekking safari certificate which is recognition for a complete trek.

With this, you have an idea of what gorilla trekking is, however, this isn’t actually the same exact experience, it’s always different with each trek and therefore you can best explain yours when you book a trip with Ugandan gorilla Rwanda and go gorilla trekking.

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