Selinda Concession

Selinda Concession

Selinda Concession is located in the northeastern regions of the delta in the region mostly known as Selinda/Magwegqana Spillway, this concession covers an area of 1350 square kilometers which is dominated by open savannah grasslands.

Selinda concession’s landscape is crossed by an ancient Selinda spillway river which links to the Okavango with the Linyanti and Kwando wetlands, this river has been dry for about 30 years and it started flowing in 2009.

Selinda concession

The flood plains in Selinda concession are open savannah plains dotted with fan palm trees inhabiting a variety of wildlife including animals and birds, animals in Selinda Concession include impala kudu, tsessebe, reedbuck, steenbuck, southern giraffe, buffalo, wildebeests, elephants, roan antelopes, Burchell’s zebras, wildebeests, lion, spotted hyenas, cheetahs, side-stripped jackal, mongooses, serval, bat-eared foxes, caracals, Aardwolf, African wildcats, wild dogs and many more.  birds include ostriches, sandgrouse, Kori bustards, collared palm thrust, krested korhaan, secretary birds, and many more.

Safari activities offered in Selinda concession include game viewing, boat safaris, bird watching, and nature walks.

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