Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park is the largest costal forest in East Africa located on the coast of Kenya near Mombasa, this park is positioned in Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve 110 km north of Mombasa. The park overs a small portion of the reserve of 6 sq km of low land and the reserve spreads 420 sq km of land, the park is an amazing place to visit because it is a paradise to out standing beaches like Marine National Park, unique and amazing culture, beautiful sceneries hence a making it one of the worthy places to visit in Kenya. For bird lovers Arabuko Sokoke National Park boasts for being a birder’s haven because it the second-best destination on the African Continent for bird lovers after Congo. The eco-system of the forest has three types of forests which include Brachystegia woodland, Mixed forest and Cynometra with each being a habitant to different unique species of Mammals, birds, butterflies and plants. The park is governed and managed by Kenya Wildlife Services.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park wildlife

Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a place of high endemism and the eco-system are habitant to different and some unique mammal species with over 40 mammals, 49 reptiles, 25 amphibians like the endearing golden-rumped elephant shrew, the rare Adera’s duiker found only here and Zanzibar, Buffaloes, leopards, African cats, African Elephants, Sokoke bushy- tailed Mongoose, African Civets, Baboons, Sokoke’s, Vervet Monkeys and many others.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park birding safaris

Arabuko Sokoke National Park boasts for being the best birders destination in East Africa and second best in Africa after Congo. 20 % of Kenya’s bird species are in the forest and 30% of butterfly species namely Clarke’s Weaver, emonymous Sokoke Pipit, Sokoke Scops Owl, Amani Sunbird, the rare Spotted Ground Thrush only found here and in Fragment Forest of Tanzania, shorebird, Terek Sandpiper, Crab plover to mention but a few.

History of Arabuko Sokoke National reserve

The forest was first protected in 1943 as crown Forest and later gazetted as a reserve in the 1960’s, it became a national park in the 1980’s, the main reason for its gazetting was because the human encroachment on the forest’s lands and this is still being controlled by International Conservation Organization together with the Kenya wildlife Services to protect the park. The electric fence that was installed in 2006/7 was encroached on in that the forest reserve boundaries have no signs to show where the National Park begins and ends.

Arabuko Sokoke National reserve safari activities

Game Drives

Travelers are guaranteed a chance to meet and view the wildlife in their wilderness, there are morning game drives and evening drives, animals like African Elephants, African buffaloes, yellow baboon, busy baby, Adder’s duiker, Golden rumped elephant’s shrew, busy tailed mongoose, water bucks, bush bucks, African civet, Sykes monkeys to mention but a few.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Viewing Reptiles

The park is home to over 49 recorded species of reptiles that can be spotted in the park like Rock Python, forest cobra, day geulo, butterflies, beetles, boom slang, forest sandlizard among other species.

Bird Watching

Arabuko Sokoke National Park boasts for its high number of bird species, it the best destination for bird lovers in East Africa and the second best in Africa, 20% of Kenya’s birds nest their home in the park with over 200 recorded bird species namely Clarke’s weaver, Sokoke Scops owl, Snack eagle, African crowned eagle, Hawk eagle, plain backed sunbird, East coast, akalat, African pitta, Scaly babbler and so many others.

Guided Nature Walk

Arabuko Sokoke National Park has many trails which travelers can use and get a clear view of the wildlife on foot in the park, this activity is guided and lead by experienced park rangers, this is aimed to keep prevent any encroachment with man eaters.


The park has a number of picnic sites, you will be required to carry packed lunch and enough drinking water to the picnic site and relax as you enjoy the coastal breeze in East Africa.

Arabuko Sokoke National reserve Cycling

Bicycle riding is also availed in the park, this activity is guided by those who know the park trails best, bicycles are available for hire at the park, it also gives you a chance to get close to wildlife and also pass through the neighboring villages to the park.


Camping sites are available with clean water and bathrooms, visitors interested in camping are require to carry their own camping equipment’s like tents.

Visit Gedi Town

Gedi Town is ahistorical town on the coast that was started in the 13th century with Africa’s architecture.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park accommodations

Arabuko Sokoke National Park, currently the park doesn’t have any accommodation facilities so far but visitors can host their nights in the surrounding areas in accommodation site like Hemingway resort and turtle Bay beach club among others.

Best time to visit Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Arabuko Sokoke National Park is very hot because of the humid coastal climate of the area, the best time to visit the park is between the months of August and April in order to get the best adventure in the park.

The location of Arabuko Sokoke National reserve

The park can be accessed by either Road or flight.

Road; our company guide driver will pick you from Nairobi to Mombasa/ Malindi. The park is just 560 km/347 mi from Nairobi the capital of Kenya.

By Flight; All the booking will be done on your behalf, you will fly from Nairobi Wilson Airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and fly to Malindi, then the guide will drive you to the park or your accommodation

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