Likoma Island Malawi 

Likoma Island is a very beautiful and unspoiled island found in Lake Malawi the largest lake in Malawi and the 3rd largest lake on the African continent, Likoma Island has an overall area of 18 square kilometers and is situated in the north – Eastern part of Lake Malawi.

Likoma Island is one of the best destinations to visit while on your safari in Malawi generally because of its natural beauty, numerous attractions/sites and hospitable local people. 

Activities to do in Likoma Island 

  • Go fishing 
Likoma Island Malawi
Likoma Island Malawi

Fishing activity is a very entertaining activity done in the waters of Lake Malawi during your visit in Likoma Island, Lake Malawi is the biggest Lake in Malawi and a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to various species of fish found in the lake recorded to be over 1000 species. As a traveler on a visit in Likoma Island you will have memorable experience fishing and catching various fish species found in the Lake such as tilapia, Malawi catfishes such as Kampango and Bombe, cyprinid fishes such as Usipa, Ningwe, Nchila, Mpasa and Sanjika. 

Fishing in Likoma Island is done using local methods and this expedition offers an opportunity to learn how to use them for fishing, you will also explore Lake Malawi on local boats owned by the locals. 

  • Relax at numerous beaches at Likoma Island 

Likoma Island is surrounded by many beautiful beaches with white sands and clear blue waters of Lake Malawi, the beaches are perfect spots for relaxing as a solo traveler or as a family/group of friends. While at the beach you get to participate in activities like beach volleyball, picnic, swimming and watching many birds on the shores of Lake Malawi. 

  • Visit the Manda Wilderness 

Manda wilderness is an excellent destination to visit on Likoma Island, the island is a habitat to a range of wildlife including buffaloes, lions, leopards, African dogs and over 1000 fish species such as tilapia, Kampango catfish among others. Manda wilderness is also a bird habitat with many bird species such as Fish Eagle, Bateleur Eagle, Palm nut Vulture, Peregrine Falcon, Steppes Buzzard, Osprey, Yellow-billed Kite, Pel’s Fishing Owl among others. 

 When you visit Manda wilderness you get an opportunity to see various animals, birds and catch various fish species during fishing expeditions in the waters of Lake Malawi.

  • Explore untouched forests on Likoma Island 

Likoma Island is dotted with numerous untouched forests which are dotted around the island and it is in these forests where forest walks are carried out, forest walks in Likoma Island offer tourists a lot of time to tour and admire these forests and also get to view many forest creatures such as animals and birds inhabiting in the forest.  

  • Visit the locals 

Likoma Island is occupied by very hospitable and welcoming locals which are visited during cultural visits, this walk offers tourists a great insight into the loves of the local people and their traditions through several activities such as traditional dances performed by the locals every evening, story telling about the ancestors and through meeting and interacting with the locals. 

Taking a walk through the villages is a very great opportunity to shop for souvenirs, locally made fabrics and beautiful art pieces such as clothes, bags, beads, home appliances sold at a very fair pieces in various market centers and craft shops

  • Go snorkeling and diving in Lake Malawi
Go snorkeling and diving in Lake Malawi
Go snorkeling and diving in Lake Malawi

The fact that Likoma Island is found in Lake Malawi, there are several beaches where snorkeling and diving excursions are done during the visit to Likoma Island, Lake Malawi has clear waters which make it possible for divers to enjoy amazing sights of marine life in the lake’s waters. 

  • Visit St Peter’s cathedral 

St Peter’s cathedral is a historical religious site in both Malawi and Likoma Island, the cathedral is the largest cathedral on the African continent established by the colonial missionaries in 1903. St Peter’s cathedral was built using stones giving a magnificent beauty of the church, the church features strikingly beautiful decoration which can be seen as you enter into the cathedral. 

While on your visit to Likoma Island visiting St Peter’s church offers you an opportunity to have prayers at the church and take a guided walk around the church with an experienced guide who will explain to you the history of the church from the time of its construction. 

How to get to Likoma Island 

Likoma Island is found in the northern region of Malawi and situated in Lake Malawi the largest lake in Malawi, the island is only reached using water and air means of transport.

Water transport: Using water means of transport, most people heading to the Island use the Ilala ferry which departs from Likoma on a daily basis.

Air means of transport: using transport, domestic flights to the Island are from Lilongwe city and it’s just an hour’s flight.

Where to stay at Likoma Island 

At Likoma Island, there are several accommodation facilities which are situated around the island and these facilities are categorized as budget, midrange and luxury. Accommodations in Likoma Island include The Nkwichi lodge, The Kaya Mawa accommodation facility, The Ulisa Bay lodge, The Ndomo point House and many more. 

When to visit Likoma Island

Likoma Island is a very entertaining Malawi safari destination which can be visited throughout the year, in the light of getting an extremely rewarding safari experience while on this island, the best time to visit depends on the weather conditions.

Likoma Island experienced two seasons that are wet and dry season, the peak season at the island is during the months of May to July and August. Because this season is a peak season, it is advisable to book in advance. For birding experience at Likoma Island, the best time is during the dry season which is characterized by heavy downpours. If you are not fond of rain, the best time to visit the island is during the dry season.

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