Pian Upe Wildlife reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife reserve – Affordable Uganda safaris

Pian Upe Wildlife reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife reserve is the second biggest conservation area in Uganda covering an area of 2788 sq km and lies North of Mountain Elgon , its in the karamoja sub region of northeastern Uganda, Pian Upe Wildlife reserve is one of Uganda’s best kept secrets, it is still quite one of the newly recognized tourist destinations with raw and beautiful scenery in Uganda. The Pian Upe Wildlife reserve is currently falls under the management of Mountain Elgon Conservation Area. On reaching the reserve it will reward you with astonishing Views over diverse wildlife species Approximately 44 mammal species call the reserve home like Zebras, buffaloes, Leopards, Lions, Giraffes, greater Kudus, Jackals, Roan antelopes, Aardvark, cheetahs, Spotted hyenas, Elands, Hedgehogs among others the reserve also has over 242  bird species like Ostriches, Jackson’s hornbills, White headed buffalo weaver etc. Primate  found in the reserve include Olive baboon, patas monkeys, Vervet monkeys among others. The reserve harbors reptiles too that’s to say Pythons, Puff adders, Water snakes and lizards to mention but a few, the vegetation cover at the park is mostly wooded savanna grasslands with some forest in the north on the margins of a higher ridge. Activities in the Reserve  include Bird watching, community tour, Mountain climbing, Flora and fauna  among others. Any time you decide to visit the reserve is a perfect time, but the best period to visit and have a great adventure is during the dry months of January, February to March characterized by clear game views due  to less dense vegetation. Also in the months of November to December when there is lush Vegetation. Visitors usually avoid the wet season due to flooding and mud that makes it hard to access the reserve. Accommodations. They range from luxury to budget, the choice is in your hands.

History of Pian Upe Wildlife reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife reserve

The area was first designated in 1958  as Debasien Animal Sanctuary, later on it was expanded and gazetted as Pian-Upe game reserve.  Efforts to restore wildlife numbers in the reserve are already in progress as well as to open up more areas for tourism development because the government has great interests in upgrading the Reserve to National Park level.

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