20 Days Cape Town Safari

20 Days Cape Town Safari

20 Days Cape Town Safari takes to South Africa – Cederberg Region, Gariep (Orange) River, River Fish River Canyon, Quiver Tree Forest & Giants Playground, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Swakopmund, Brandberg, Brandberg White Lady, Etosha National Park, Windhoek, Botswana –Ghanzi

Highlights 20 Days Cape Town Safari

  • Day 1: South Africa – Cederberg Region
  • Day 2: Namaqualand –Gariep (Orange) River
  • Day 3: Namibia –Gariep(Orange) River Fish River Canyon
  • Day 4: Fish River Canyon, Quiver Tree Forest & Giants Playground
  • Day 5: Namib-Naukluft National Park
  • Day 6: Sossusvlei Dunes-Namib Naukluft National Park
  • Day 7,8: Swakopmund
  • Day 9:  Spitzkoppe to Brandberg
  • Day 10: Brandberg White Lady
  • Day 11,12: Etosha National Park
  • Day 13: Windhoek
  • Day 14: Botswana –Ghanzi
  • Day 15: Okavango Delta
  • Day 16: Okavango Delta Expedition
  • Day 17: Nata
  • Day 18: Chobe National Park
  • Day 19: Zimbabwe-Victoria Falls
  • Day 20: Victoria Falls

Detailed Itinerary 20 Days Cape Town Safari

Day 1: South Africa – Cederberg Region

Cederberg Region
Cederberg Region

You will be picked by the driver guide from your current location, then be transferred but along the way you will have a stopover to take some photos of Table Mountain from across Table Bay. Cederberg is branded with remarkable mountains, Orange farms, shelters Rooibos bush, so then you will get the opportunity to tour the working Rooibos tea farm, spot the Rooibos & Buchu plants that naturally exist. This herbal drink has ranked when it comes to the foreign Status, recognized as a healthy & stimulating substitute to the consistent Tea.

Day 2: Namaqualand –Gariep (Orange) River

Once in this destination(Namaqualand), you will definitely relish the 1st know–how of the desert outlook, so then proceed North, slight stopover in Springbok for some supplies in the city, & eventually transfer to where you are to check in-at the banks of the Orange river. Just by chance you could spot the Wild flowers that have branded this place ‘prominent ‘but then only if you have moved in the lining spring months (July-September).

Day 3: Namibia –Gariep(Orange) River Fish River Canyon

Recently termed as Gariep (in KhoeKhoe language it means- river) was formerly named by the Dutch Royal House as the Orange River. Apart from being recognised as the longest river in South Africa, Orange river also does start straight from the Mountains of Lesotho, hence presenting an exclusive distinction to the desert sceneries. This experience of relishing the river is highly recommendable to engage in the Canoe tour on it.

Day 4: Fish River Canyon, Quiver Tree Forest & Giants Playground

Having transferred in the afternoon from Orange River & then set off inland crossing into the Namibia boundary, so then waking up in the morning, get ready to the brim of the Fish River Canyon, & once the stroll along this river is done then proceed West for the Keetmanshoop. Have lunch, & then have an afternoon twisting via the Quiver Tree Forest plus the Giants playground (due to the existence of the huge dolerite rocks that have been put side by side generating a range of labyrinths & rock creations.

Day 5: Namib-Naukluft National Park

Naukluft National Park
Naukluft National Park

The existence of the dune fields that shield the western scopes of the desert, you are then able to get a clear sight of Namibia ‘s rural hugeness all thanks to its extensive sandy roads & the thin farmlands populace. Dinner & overnight stay at the camp.

Day 6: Sossusvlei Dunes-Namib Naukluft National Park

An abrupt hike to the dune that does present to you a clear vantage point to whiz at the altering desert dawn colours, after that enjoy your breakfast & then head into Sossusvlei touring it’s pans & Deadvlei all on foot.

Day 7,8: Swakopmund

Having left Namibia behind on crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, proceeding to the Atlantic shoreline, then proceeding west to Swakopmund, a slight stopover for gazing at a total of Flamingos nourishing at the sandbanks at Walvis Bay Lagoon.

Swakopmund does present the incredible Adrenaline driven ventures, discover the city as well in your own time since it contains a range of lures, the prominent coffee shops plus bakeries that present a charming series of the German stirred delights. 

Day 9:  Spitzkoppe to Brandberg

Breakfast, & then proceed to Spitzkoppe-that is characterised with a vastness granite creation, masts 700m above the desert heaths. It contains the Rock Art which implicates the San populace who long ago stayed there, & obviously you capture the moment to tour these Art pieces with the help of the tour guide.

Day 10: Brandberg White Lady

These are noted as Namibia’s highest (Brandberg), & they shelter the prominent White Lady (among the 45,000 rock portraits in the space). Therefore, after breakfast engage in the Ramble to spot this said 2,000years old portrait. But then you are recommended to be physically fit since this climbing does cross uneven topography beside the valley of Tsisab river that is typically dry. 

Day 11,12: Etosha National Park

Have your breakfast, then transfer to Etosha National Park which stages a variety of tour ventures in Africa. Since your arrival will be in the afternoon, then you will get the opportunity to engage in the Game drive in search of wildlife as you are heading to the camp. On the 2nd day still involve in the clear touring of this National Park, of which you will also be able to spot incredible wildlife that you could have missed on the previous day.

Day 13: Windhoek

Enjoy your breakfast, then you will be transferred to the capital city of Namibia, check in a hotel, meanwhile along the way on your transfer you will get a chance to spot the city’s better recognised standards.

Day 14: Botswana –Ghanzi

Have your breakfast, then transfer East towards the country of Botswana plus the Kalahari Desert that is harshly differing from the Namib desert. It has over 900,000m2 area coverage of Kalahari & it is no less affected though. To remind you a slight detail though, that the San populace have been extensively allied with this rough environment. Relish the evening dances that do present an understanding into these people ‘s traditions of storytelling, singing plus dancing. 

Day 15: Okavango Delta

Okavango delta
Okavango delta

On your early morning transfer before heading to Okavango Delta you will definitely get entertained from the directed stroll/walk with the San people, then proceed to Maun where you will have an opportunity to engage in an optional picturesque activity of flying over the Delta.

Day 16: Okavango Delta Expedition

In order for you to well view this magnificent delta that is covered with the channels & lagoons is while using the dugout Canoe (Mokoro). Right in the morning you will set off to the polling station where you will be provided polers who will accompany you, direct you via the stalk lined channels & while on your arrival you could engage in Nature walk still with your poler. Wildlife spotted here involves Elephants, Kudu, Zebras, Impalas, Giraffes, etc.

Day 17: Nata

Your excursion today will transfer you to the North, arriving at Makgadikgadi pans wrinkled with grand samples such as the Baobab tree. Engage in an afternoon directed tour to the pans & Nata Sanctuary so as to enjoy the observing of the water birds quenching their thirst such as Flamingos, Pelicans, etc.

Day 18: Chobe National Park

Drive to Chobe National Park, where you will be able to discover a lot about this park, eye witness wildlife like the Elephants at the river banks in the afternoon quenching their thirst. Then later on in the day you will involve yourself in the Boat cruise.

Day 19: Zimbabwe-Victoria Falls

Transfer in the morning to Zimbabwe, then to Victoria Falls where optional activities will be presented to you in case you want to engage. Once relaxed you could tour places around such as the local markets, & so on. 

You will still have a chance to tour the Victoria falls indigenously referred to as ‘Mosi-oa Tunya’implying the smoke that thunders. Still you will have an extensive spotting of the Zambezi River as it drips into the Batoka valley & also there is an offer of a series of optional activities for those crazy & in love with adrenaline ventures though from the Victoria Falls venture city.

Day 20: Victoria Falls

As you have clocked your final day for your safari, you can get involved in the rafting of the expansive Zambezi River/perhaps you could relish a flight over these spectacular falls. Then once done get ready to return & depart to the Airport for your departure flight back home.

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