Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is located in western Uganda, it is situated in the Bundibugyo, Kabarole, Kasese districts, bordering Virunga National Park of Democratic Republic of Congo in the west is both a RAMSAR and UNESCO world Heritage site located in the Rwenzori Mountains and governed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority .Almost 996 kilometers squared [385 sq mi ] in size 70% of which exceeds an altitude of 2500 meters[8200 ft.], The park is 120 km[75 mi] long and 48 km[30 mi] wide.    The park has Africa’s third highest mountain peak, with a height of 5109 meters[16762 ft.] and many waterfalls, glaciers and lakes. The park has Africa’s tallest mountain range exceed in altitude by the Mt. Kilimanjaro, The Rwenzori Mountain also called the mountain of the moon  and is one of Africa’s most beautiful mountain areas  ,Variety of large mammals inhibit the lower slopes of the mountain  the park is notable more for its majestic scenery and varied vegetation, its five distinct vegetation zones which change according to the changes in altitude ,montane forest, bamboo forest, tree heath-bog, Hagenia-Rapanea scrub and afro-alpine moorland provide a unique backdrop on one of the most magnificent national parks in the world Rwenzori Mountains National park. The park has 89 species of birds ,15 species of butterfly, and four primate species, The park’s world life varies with elevant , and its species include the forest elephants, chimpanzee, bush bucks, giant forest hogs and leopards but rarely seen, In Rwenzori are some unique and rare animal species like the three horned chameleon, the Rwenzori double collared sunbird ,hyrax, black and white colobus, L’Hoest’s monkeys, Rwenzori duiker and Rwenzori turaco. The park is also a cultural heritage site for neighboring communities. Eighteen sacred sites have been identified, mapped and protected as worship areas.

History of Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The park was established in 1991 primarily to conserve its unique ecological system from growing  human pressure because of its unique and outstanding natural beauty. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 because of its outstanding natural beauty. Rebel militias occupied the Rwenzori Mountains from 1997 to June 2001.The park was inscribed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage in Danger between 1999 and 2004 because of insecurity  which was caused by rebels who used the deep forest as their cover and a lack of resources in the park

Activities in Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The Park has many activities to be done when you reach there which include natural walks ,cultural Encounter ,Hiking and nature walks, mountain/volcano climbing ,Birding and many more .

Mountain climbing

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Mountain climbing is the most tourist attraction in the park because of the famous Rwenzori mountain also known as the mountain of the moon because the mountain hosts the third highest peak in the entire Africa called Margarita where your challenged by a seven-day climb till the top .you will be told to choose the best trail to in order to experience scenic routes to the top of the Rwenzori ,every trail you take provides spectacular and rewardable viewing of glacial lakes ,gorgeous view points, dramatic mountain passes and lush valleys. the trail heads include the Central Circuit Trail and the Kilembe Trail.

Hiking and Nature walk

This is the best for travelers who prefer to encounter in natural wonders and here in Rwenzori is so amazing as you discover the panoramic view of creatures like lake Muhooma, and Buraro chimp forest .if at all you prefer, you can hike through the communities of Kichamhe to the karangura ridge and also to Bundibugyo area through bwamba pass , can also lead you to the communities of Ruboni and Turaco.

Birding in the Rwenzori mountains.

The park boost with over 217 bird species making it also among the best spotting destination for birders .the birds can best be spotted in the montane forest species include Robins, sunbirds, Bee eaters ,Rwenzori Turaco, Long-eared owl, Black eagles, Bearded Vultures, Honeyguide ,Handsome Francolin ,Golden winged sunbirds and many more.

Cultural Encounter in the Rwenzori Mountain.

This is an activity that every traveler must experience because its memorable ,the walk you take to Bakonzo villagers to encounter in their homesteads through the foothills of the Rwenzori will be the admirable one to be experienced once in a lifetime. The vibrant dance performance accompanied by lively exciting drumming, they teach you how to prepare their local food with them, and will be able to meet the black smith ,traditional hears as well as listen to their amazing story tellers.

Wildlife viewing in Rwenzori mountain

The park is home to 18 species of mammals ,217 species of birds,9 species of reptiles and 6 species of amphibians. The Rwenzori mountains are notable of the 3 horned chameleon, expect to see variety of animals and birds. The park also offers spectacular views of scenic landscapes with a high density of trees and other unique vegetation, you can as well enjoy the favorable sunshine ,cold and heavy rainfall which support plant life.

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