Madagascar tours and safari packages

Madagascar tours and safari packages

Madagascar tours 2022Madagascar Safaris tours,  Tours & safari packages, Madagascar is a one-stop African safari destination with beautiful flora and fauna with 5% of the plant and animal species found nowhere but on this island, Madagascar is an island of approximately 400 kilometers situated in the Indian Ocean and it is the world’s largest island country.

Madagascar safari tour is one of the Africa safari country located in the southern coast of southern  Africa, and its one of the best Africa  safari destinations  with several attractions like the wildlife, birds and unique types of chameleons and frogs. Luxury Africa safari tours take you to one of the most renown Africa safari destination, Madagascar tour safari packages the most cheap affordable African safari package that will make your explore Madagascar This country is more of an island with different plantations and animal species like the lemur species, other species found in Madagascar island is are ring tailed lemur, indri sifaka among others, Madagascar tour companies operate both local and they have experienced   tour guide the guides you during your safari to Madagascar.

This major Madagascar safari tourist attraction are biodivery and beaches, wildlife and forests, historical sites that attract tourist from different park  Africa to visit Madagascar for best Madagascar tours safari tours because Madagascar is blessed with various amazing  wildlife species like colored frogs, catlike fossa, pensky animals, insects among others  that keep visitors from east Africa south Africa, west Africa other region to explore Madagascar. The most visited national park in Madagascar are national parks, and  the includes amber mountain national park Madagascar, andringitra n.p, ankarafantsika national park isalo national park among others

This adventitious Africa safari tour to eco tours Madagascar is the opportunity that one can ever think of where he/ she is looking for the best Africa safari tours destinations and the answer is Madagascar. The fact about Madagascar is the its the republic of Madagascar an  its located in the south west  of east Africa coast its among the largest island in  the world, early 2000 Madagascar settles about 900 people Madagascar has different tribes  and cultures that practice different festivals.

Madagascar tours and safari package

Madagascar protects a diverse range of lemur species said to have floated to the island about 60 million years ago. Currently there are over 100 species of lemur on the island which are endemic to the island.

Beautiful species on the island include panda-fenced ring-tailed lemur, the dancing sifaka, an indri. Other species include endangered chameleons, cat-like fossa, brightly colored frogs, insects, and pesky animals.  Madagascar also boasts a unique Malagasy culture influenced by Borneo, Polynesia, France, and East AFRICA, there are a unique fusion cuisines and cultural mix on the island with a focus on ancestral worship and local taboos called fady.

Madagascar Island consists of the best national parks and game reserves that are Amber Mountain National Park, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Andringitra National Park, Ankarafantsika National Park, Isalo National Park, and Ranomafana National Park.

Madagascar Tours & Safaris packages offers adventurous safaris such as whale watching, game drives, boat safaris, sightings for Lemurs, swim with the whale sharks, marvel at Baobabs, explore Antananarivo, scuba diving, and many more at 15-days-kenya-madagascar-safari

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