Madagascar Safaris and Tours

(Madagascar Safaris Tours)Madagascar is a one-stop African safari destination with beautiful flora and fauna with 5% of the plant and animal species found nowhere but on this island, Madagascar is an island of approximately 400 kilometers situated in the Indian Ocean and it is the world’s largest island country.

Madagascar Safaris

Madagascar Safaris Tours

Madagascar protects a diverse range of lemur species said to have floated to the island about 60 million years ago, currently there are over 100 species of lemur on the island which are endemic to the island.

Beautiful species on this island include panda-fenced ring-tailed lemur, the dancing sifaka, an indri. Other species include endangered chameleons, cat-like fossa, brightly colored frogs, insects, and pesky animals.  Madagascar also boasts a unique Malagasy culture influenced by Borneo, Polynesia, France, and East AFRICA, there are a unique fusion cuisines and cultural mix on the island with a focus on ancestral worship and local taboos called fady.

Madagascar Island consists arrange of the best national parks and game reserves that are Amber Mountain National Park, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Andringitra National Park, Ankarafantsika National Park, Isalo National Park, and Ranomafana National Park.

Madagascar Safaris Tours offers adventurous safaris such as whale watching, game drives, boat safaris, sightings for Lemurs, swim with the whale sharks, marvel at Baobabs, explore Antananarivo, scuba diving, and many more.