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  • How to Get to Kenya: By Air, Road, Train & Boat Transport

Kenya is a very accessible tourist destination, travellers from every part of the country can get to Kenya using various modes of transport.  How to Get to Kenya (By Air, Road, Train & Boat Transport)

A high number of Travellers visit Kenya with the interest of visiting various safari destinations in Kenya such as Masai Mara national reserve a prime destination for wildlife viewing, Amboseli national park, and many more.

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  • Malaria and Vaccinations in Kenya

Visiting Kenya is a thrill and exciting but the health of an individual is a very paramount aspect. In Kenya, there are a number of illnesses that can make you uncomfortable while on your safari and to an extreme extent lose your life.

The good news is most of these diseases are preventable and curable using prescribed medication, according to tour experts it is very much advisable to visit your medical experts for vaccinations and health advice depending on the destination you are visiting on a safari.

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  • Birding in Kenya – Best Time, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours

Birding in Kenya – Best Time, Birding Trips and Birdwatching Tours – Kenya is a birding paradise and has been globally recognized for hosting numerous sites declared important birding areas in the world, Kenya as a nation is a home to over 1,060 bird species which are scattered through various destinations/ sites.

Kenya is a renowned habitat for some of the world’s most sought for bird species ranging from Ostriches the biggest bird in the world to millions of pink-colored flamingoes.

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  • Wildebeest Migration Kenya

The great wildebeest migration Kenya is one of the most phenomenal natural occurrences in the world, the great wildebeest migration Kenya is an annual movement of millions of wildebeests accompanied by thousands of pf zebras, Thomson gazelles, elands, and Impalas across the greater Maasai Mara – Serengeti ecosystem (Masai Mara national reserve and Serengeti national park).

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