Is it Gorilla Trekking or Tracking?

Trekking and tracking when it comes to gorilla safaris are in many cases used interchangeably, however, in this context do they refer to the same activity. The answer is No though they are slightly related but different in some way.  Here is where the difference comes in;

Gorilla tracking is that activity is done by the park rangers alone without the tourists or trekkers in most cases very early before trekking starts.

Gorilla tracking
Gorilla tracking

Each morning, park rangers, visit the jungle early to search and find out where the different gorilla families spent their night. They track the families using different ways including their waste and nests. The rangers go early to ensure they learn of where the gorilla families are spending their day.

After tracking the gorilla families, the rangers coordinate with their colleagues at the park headquarters and inform them of where the gorillas are such that families are allocated promptly and the group is assured of seeing the family. Its gorilla tracking makes trekking gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda a 100% chance of a sighting.

On the other hand, Gorilla trekking is an activity where tourists take a hike / walk through the jungle forests in search of mountain gorillas. The trek takes about 2-6 hours and this time is when the trekkers move into the jungle searching for where the gorillas spent their previous night.

Gorillas trek in different locations each time because they make new nests every day and therefore sleep in different places each day. Gorilla trekking is referred to as a hike because you will have to walk at an altitude of 2,607 meters above sea level on a rugged surface with narrow valleys intersected by rivers and steep hills.

With this illustration, gorilla trekking and tracking are in some way similar in the fact that they involve hiking and walking to search for the gorillas. However, what creates the difference is who does what, the rangers do tracking as the tourists undertake trekking. So when you are planning to have that life experience of seeing these elusive giants, be ready for the trek. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda takes almost the same course and therefore the experience is a result of what nature offers you on a specific day.

When you need that gorilla trekking safari, just contact the Ugandan gorilla Rwanda safari experts and have your trip customized.

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